10 Places Where Advance Tickets are an Absolute Must in Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, renowned throughout the world for its incredible food, wine, culture, architecture, fashion and stunning landscapes.  With so many amazing cities and regions in one country and dozens of beautiful islands there are many reasons why Italy draws millions of visitors every year and in planning your trip, while you may not want to do tours in every city, we urge you to consider reserving tickets in advance at the following destinations, to save yourself time, fatigue and hours spent waiting in line when you could be seeing more of the sites you came to explore.

In some instances, though not all, it can really help you to partake in a small group tour that are usually very inexpensive and will allow you to by-pass the lines in each of these destinations.  Then, once inside even if you don’t care about the guide’s explanation you can still stay inside each of the sites at your own leisure (aside from the Blue Grotto in Capri).  Should you not wish to reserve in advance, you can take your chances at these sites and arrive early, but for the rest of us that might not want to get up with the birds, our list below shows each of these destinations and some small group tours that we offer in each place. 

  • Vatican Holy City (Rome)

  • The Colosseum and Roman Forum (Rome)



  • Uffizi Gallery (Florence)

  • Accademia Gallery (Florence)


  • Doge's Palace (Venice)

  • Last Supper (Milan)

  • Blue Grotto (Capri)

  • Pompeii

  • Herculaneum


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