The delicious Italian Conventional Food

When you think about Italy, obviously many food images come into your mind! Pasta, prosciutto or coffee all are traditional ingredients of italian cuisine. During your trip in Italy, you can't miss these typical flavours.

Italian Roman Espresso Coffee

Known as coffee, it’s actually a shot of espresso. Go to a “bar,” which serves traditional shots of Italian espresso. Milk lovers may order a cappuccino while black coffee sippers can order the dark and bold, Americana.


Risotto is found in many cities, a must try, popular dish in Italy. Seafood and mushroom risotto is a Venetian specialty. Look out for seasonal dishes such as Roman spring or summer risotto, which adds in various herbs and seasonal veggies like asparagus, artichoke or peas.


Supposedly raviolis were created in the Roman era, but not traditional until the return of Marco Polo from China. Most popular raviolis are the ricotta and spinach, perfect for the veggie or those who do not enjoy animal delicatessen in their meals. The Roman Ravioli are unforgettable.


If you love thin slices of meat, prosciutto is an Italian favorite. It is either tossed in pasta or wrapped around cheese or melon. It is known to be the finest of Italian pork product.


Gnocchi, the flour dumpling, are created in various flavors and styles. Vegetarians will enjoy the “pomodoro style,” sauce and cheese. Meat lovers can find a slab of fine meat on many menus throughout Italy.