A Flavours Tour In Italy

Have you planned a trip in Italy soon? You can't miss the flavoursome Italian dishes. We propose you to discover some regional culinar specialities and we promise that you won't be disappointed - let's go!


I bucatini all'amatriciana

A simple and popular dish, but exceptionally flavourful! Composed of lard, tomatoes, pecorino romano cheese and pepper: a perfect association of flavours you can't miss during your trip in the Latium.

Restaurant suggestion: Osteria Angelino dal 1899, Via Capo d’Africa, 6, 00184, Roma


Il fegato alla veneziana

This is a subtle mix of flavours between calf's liver and onions. The balance of this main course is due to the sweetness of Chioggia onions and the strong taste of the liver. You should taste it! But if you don't like liver, you can also eat a delicious baccalà (cod).

Suggestion restaurant: Cantina Do Spade, Calle del Scaleter, 859, 30125, Venezia


La Pappa al pomodoro

A typical tasty summer dish! In the past, it represented a poor dish in the rural tradition. Made with tomatoes, extra vergin olive oil, basil, broth, garlic and stale leftover bread. Delicious and healthy!

Suggestion restaurant: Trattoria Sergio Gozzi, Piazza di San Lorenzo, 8R, 50123, Firenze


Il risotto alla pescatora


If you go to Campania, of course, you must eat the traditional Margherita Pizza or pasta with tomatoes. But us, we propose you il risotto alla pescatora, a yummy dish with crustaceans and molluscs. Perfect on the seaside!

Suggestion restaurant: Le due palmeVia Agnano Agli Astroni, 30, 80125 Napoli


Le orecchiette con cime di rapa

A rural main course, simple but unique! It results from the union of pronounced flavours: turnip greens, orecchiette and breadcrumb. Good appetite!

Restaurant suggestion: A’Cr’JanzVia Goito, 22, 70017, Putignano


La pasta con le sarde

Mix of long pasta, fresh sardines, fennel, dried grape, pine nuts, onions and saffron. A successful blend between sea and land. Really excellent!

Suggestion restaurant: Le delizie di CagliostroVia Vittorio Emanuele, 150, 90133 Palermo