Hawaiian Nostalgia

Hawaiian Nostalgia, now there is the Hawaiian restaurant in Rome. South Pacific Fine Food, a new sushi-fusion restaurant that brings a small corner of Hawaii to the capital. It is not a simple translation term, but has a complex meaning that means “thanksgiving, gratitude …

Entering you will feel like you are diving into a tropical greenhouse in the middle of the forest on the slopes of the Kīlauea volcano. A disruptive vegetation that makes its way between glasses and floods a welcoming environment dominated by colors and shapes reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean.

Variegated list of rolls, enriched with absolutely new ingredients for the Italian culinary offer: taro leaves, lotus roots, jackfruit. And if the choice is not already wide enough, it brings to Italy two other culinary trends of the moment: sushi burgers and sushi donuts.

The VOY & Little Jumbo mixing masters have developed different combinations, playing with ingredients and colors that recall the eccentric and colorful Hawaiian culture. Passion and refinement merge into a menu where every drink surprises and gives those who drink an experience not to be forgotten.

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