Veggie, Vegan, Vici: Your Guide to Conquering the Alternative Food Scene in Rome

Italy and Rome are not exactly known for being a havens for vegans and vegetarians. But if you think a diet without prosciutto and mozzarella would lead you to the brink of starvation, then you are mistaken. Not only is Italian cuisine fresh, flavoursome, and adaptable, but Rome is also bursting with great spots for veggies and vegans alike. Here are our top picks:


La Sciuscella

Via Bastioni, 2, 00052 Cerveteri RM
Telefono: 392 334 904


are oval meatballs obtained from stale bread, eggs, pecorino cheese, salt and mint and cooked in a tomato broth. They represent a poor dish in the rural tradition of the Capo di Leuca. The etymology of the word is likely to be found in the Latin term iuscellum (brodetto).

The scent is also the fruit of the Carrubo, a very long tree with a reddish and wrinkled trunk, whose fruits, the skeletons, were used in ancient times as a delightful pastime for children. Carrubo's fruits are part of the leguminous family and have a high content of natural sugars, vitamins A, D, B and important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Until the middle of the last century, in Sicily (where almost all locust beans are present at national level) around this fruit had developed a flourishing trade-related economy as food for working animals.

So is a must to go to Cerveteri and visit the extraordinary  Etruscan archeological sites and after enjoy this veg restaurant called la Sciusciella.




Il Geco Biondo

Via Gerolamo Cardano, 105 (Marconi)
Tues-Sun from 8pm

A vegetarian trattoria in the Ponte Marconi area that promotes organic, “0-km” veggie produce such as their locally supplied sourdough bread and wine from the Appia Antica. A place that puts thought into nutrition and effort into catering to allergies, this is a perfect spot to have an informal, Roman-style meal with primi, secondi and vegan cakes to top it all off.

Mater Terrae

Raphael Hotel, Largo Febo, 2 (Piazza Navona)
Open daily, 7pm-10:15pm

Hands down, Mater Terrae is the most beautiful vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Rome. Why? Oh, only because it’s located on the rooftop of an exclusive hotel with beautiful views of the Eternal City in all its glory. With an award-winning chef who is committed not only to providing vegan and vegetarian dishes but to preparing organic dishes without eggs, gluten, and sugar, this is the place to go where you can feel both fabulous and fit.

Arancia Blu

Via Cesare Beccaria, 3 (Flaminio)
Open daily, 12pm-midnight

Want a restaurant that combines fine arts events with typical Italian foods prepared for your vegan and vegetarian needs? Arancia Blu is the place to go. You’ll be entertained by the art hanging on the walls from your very seat, eating in a classy establishment that’s affordable too. With its daily deals—for example, a combination of three entrées for only 8 euros—you’ll constantly be coming back for more. Not only for the food, but for the special events they host, too, ranging from book signings to live music.





Universo Vegano

Piazza del Paradiso, 18, 00186 Roma RM
Telefono: 348 100 4757

Universo Vegano™ is the first Fast Food Vegan chain that uses only natural foods with mostly zero food miles and without animal derivatives. With the knowledge that every food you select has a crucial impact on the planet, we have created a place where vegans and vegetarians can find a wide range of “sustainable” products, without losing sight of taste and correct nutritional values!