Tivoli and its beauties, not just architectures, fountains, but ideal places for your unforgettable events.

We offer you a special, different, ecological, green, natural venue, for your destination wedding or business event we propose Tivoli, a 30 minute city from Rome ,humanitarian heritage, a place where the villas are the most beautiful, we invite you To get married in Tivoli, to do your business lunch in a place that is the wonderful destination near Rome, with the colors and flavors of the country, churches and hotels, as well as the opportunity to make a special tour to your guests in this so special town, is on a UNESCO world heritage list. With its impressive concentration of fountains, nymphs, grottoes, spa …, We invite you to Tivoli, the town we love. And you will not regret it, the quality is top, the prices are affordable. The people are happy to welcome you. What do you expect for a fantastic event is here.

About the restaurant

THE STRUCTURE – About 3 km from the center of Tivoli, the restaurant, with its adjacent farm, is the must-see for those visiting the water games of the famous Tivoli villas. You can visit this place and understand one of the reasons why the Romans chose Tivoli for their residences.

FAMILY AND GENUINE – The restaurant proposes a cuisine that is respectful of traditions but attentive to new needs, without losing its genuineness. They propose a unique, menu of km 0 products, coming directly from the park farm and other neighboring farms.

GREAT PLAITS – Do not miss the courses based on seafood, truffles, porcini mushrooms, seconds cooked in the huge grill , pasta and homemade cakes. The cellar is also very well served, with particular attention to Lazio wines. Call us and book now.