10 Places Where Advance Tickets are an Absolute Must in Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, renowned throughout the world for its incredible food, wine, culture, architecture, fashion and stunning landscapes.  With so many amazing cities and regions in one country and dozens of beautiful islands there are many reasons why Italy draws millions of visitors every year and in planning […]

The London’s best rooftop

The celebrations on the London’s roofs were very successful last year. In 2017, the most famous rooftop of the city was the Pergola on the Roof of Paddington. This year, the doors are open from April 26th until October 1st 2018, from Wednesday to Sunday for a lunch or a dinner. It’s already possible to […]

Rome in One Day it is possible! Discover our Itinerary

Seeing Rome in one day may seem like an impossible task, but with our advice you can experience a little bit of everything the city has to offer. With this busy schedule you will see the rich culture, art, and history of Italy’s capital, but you will also get a taste for the Roman way […]