An original and modern hotel in Milan

The most anticipated hotel in Milan officially opened at the end of February: overlooking Piazza 4 Novembre, on the west side of Milan’s central railway station, it occupies a building from 1949 which was the historic house of Philips, and after a series of renovations that began in 2014, has now become a 4-star, 11-story hotel, comprising 299 rooms with 21 suites.
Perfect for any event. It is the first museum-hotel to host works of street art. For artistic projects curated by the Israeli artist Iris Barak, the hotel has begun a series of large-scale collaborations including the Question Mark Gallery, which, for the occasion, uses the work of 13 Italian artists of international renown (Andrea Casciu, Corn 79, Etnik, Joys, Jair Martinez, Moneyless, Neve, Orion, Peeta, Seacreative, Skan, Urbansolid and Yama11). The majority of street art at the hotel is made by Ead Crew, a group of street artists originally from Padua. The Ead Crew was born in the early 1990s and is one of the leading groups of street art in Italy.