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Welcome Tours, Cooking and Events, by Anna Maria Nardi


The project created by Anna Maria Nardi is a way to share her passion for fashion and travel , not to mention a love for Italian cuisine .
It ‘s so that ” Tours, Cooking and Events ” started. With a team of qualified professionals, we planned and we organize events from start to finish.

We know that finding and reserve good trip from thousands of possibilities can be exhausting; There are countless questions and many unknown.
In Cooking Tours and Events , we aim to take care of the organization and to customize the experience of our clients in order to make their stay unforgettable.
We offer our knowledge with regard to the Italian cuisine, stori and art to offer an unforgettable Italian experience.
That’s just, married, with family or in groups Cooking Tours and Events can offer special emotions for every budget.

To choose WHY US?

Because it will save time and money !

  • It will pass the time with people who love , live and breathe Italian !
  • His stay will be unique and planned manner to respond exactly to the interests of the group.
  • Visit beautiful villas, elegant gardens in the region of Lazio, of landmarks and historic sites.
  •  Its budget is ours.
  • Families with children will take advantage of a wide variety of activities that we organize!

So let her drive by you and contact us on to take advantage of the wonderful Italy.



  • cooking class: Enjoy Italian cuisine and discover why because people are traveling from all over the world to eat in Italy.
  • Discover the beauty of the countryside, sipping wine and tasting local cheeses.
  • country house: Rent a villa around the Tivoli Gardens for a memorable feast.
  • Special occasions: repatriated intimate in big events.

Throughout Italy, you can find various pizzas with different flavors.